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Our website attaches great importance to security: every day our teams work to preserve the confidentiality of all your data. Heavy resources are invested and numerous partnerships involved in the development of a hermetic partitioning your identity online. In addition, all your purchases are 100% secured through the establishment of control systems and secure payments.

Spot awareness to cyber security developed by ISSA France and sponsored in the context of the European cybersecurity months in October 2013.

Payment Security
It is important to know that the payment of your order is made directly to one of our partner banks.
Communicating your credit card number on the bank server at the time of payment of your order is completely secure.
Indeed, this handling involves no risk because the details of your credit card never transmitted unencrypted over the network: it is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
We uses SSL V3 protocol for encrypting payment transactions with customers: the interception of data is thus rendered impossible. Moreover we uses Extended Validation SSL Certificates.
The use of these certificates triggers the display of the green address bar in your browser, and display the name of the organization certificate owner.
The secure payment platform is PCI DSS certified by Visa and MasterCard in order to secure credit card data. The PCI DSS certification is granted by an independent body which audits each year.